Mission Statement: To promote wellness through effective, alternative, non-traditional healing methods.

Take The Path To Alternative Healing

The path to healing isn’t always straightforward. When you feel the need to turn to alternative healing, RWG Foundation is a philanthropic organization that supports the charities and groups that provide options to western medicine. We stand behind our mission of hope for people who feel they need more than what modern medicine can offer.

Our Vision

We are currently focused on supporting programs that benefit children, the elderly, and under-served populations. We encourage imaginative and creative ideas.

About The Foundation

Marilyn Greenberg founded The Richard William Greenberg Foundation as an homage to her late husband.

Richard William Greenberg was a loving spouse and father who was diagnosed with and later died of Stage 4 lung cancer. Marilyn wanted to honor his memory in a way that would make positive changes in other people’s lives.

The Greenberg

At the end of his life, Richard started a blog under the name Miracle Ricky in the hope that it would encourage people never to give up. During his illness, he had primarily used alternative healing, which he attributes to lengthening and increasing his quality of life to the end. The alternative health choices he used for treatment in his disease had a transitional effect on himself and those close to him.

As one of his blog entries stated:
Today was a great day. More important, is smiling at everyone, speaking nicely to everyone. I feel gratitude and love for everyone and everything. You can’t give too much to other people. What you give will help you find more and more healing for yourself. The more love you put out, the more you get.

Our Grassroots Initiative

The Foundation is a grassroots initiative with a vision to grow on the Central Coast, then the state of California, and eventually to inspire a movement nationwide.

Big dreams start small.

Little Green Frog

Our Little Green Frog

There is a pond on the Greenberg property, and every spring, the frogs come out and sing, sometimes distractingly loud. Miracle Ricky, the “frog whisperer,” would gently tell them to quiet down a bit. The frogs would listen only to him and become softer and softer.

Frogs became a representation of Richard and the love he shared in his life.

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